After a long time

I talked to you today. After a long time, finally you appeared in the list of people who had messaged me, in a group this time though. The first reaction, when I saw you talking to another one in the group, was a shock.

Three of us were online.

Me, you and him.

The initial shock wore off, as I grinned at my phone screen feeling obnoxious. The feeling was almost nauseating, as we talked about old days. The moments we had spend together, years and years ago, as we talked of childhood, and how funny we used to be.

It was almost 2 AM in the middle of the night, and yet, while we should have been sleeping or doing something else, we were cracking jokes of the past, talking of the barking dogs that all of us could hear – since we stay in the same neighborhood.

Weird, that we stay at a distance of a minute from each other, and spend months, not even looking at each other’s faces. Occasions, parties, Facebook, Whatsapp, that’s what pulls us together.

Playing footsie as children, jumping in the mud after the rains, teaching each other how to ride the bicycle, going to each other’s house just to scribble over the other’s drawing book, looking at old albums… all those have faded away as we grew up.

Looking back at the 13 years old friendship that we shared, all I can do is grin. Isn’t that what all of us feel? Well, we even used to forget each other’s name… actual name because, who ever calls you that as a child?

Last night, we went to sleep, with our stomachs aching as we laughed and laughed at the chats and memories, until our breath ran out and so did our phone’s batteries. Finally, wishing a ‘goodnight’, when it was at the middle of the night. You call even call it early morning.

Growing up took away a lot of things from us.

I wonder, will it take away these friendships too? Time, and bonds will have to tell.


5 thoughts on “After a long time

  1. We might never know what the future holds for us but it is these beautiful memories and recollecting them with who were a part of it is what keeps us going!

    Well written! 🙂


  2. This one…gosh it is one of my favorites. I have already read it twice before but every time you read it, it leaves with myriad of emotions and feelings…. I don’t have words to express how beautiful writer you are

    Liked by 1 person

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