Only, Once.

I’ve been thinking lately, what would happen, if I was given a chance to live again. Would I want to? Would I want to go through everything again. Every turn, every surprise?

What would life be like if it was a parallel world, where my parents were different? Well. People love parents anyway. Or do they? 

No they don’t. 

Not always.

Haven’t you seen that yet? Well. Then you have a lot of world to see. And maybe I could be wrong. Who says I’m right all the time? I’m not.

I wonder why people used to think that Aristotle was right at that time. We are humans. Bound to make mistakes. Some big, some small. We are humans, we are bound to make assumptions or should I say presumptions? Yes, that.

We are humans, and we are fickle minded and hypocrite. Doesn’t matter who you are and what you do. Deep, deep, deep inside somewhere you are all of that. You are a human, an animal with the sense of right or wrong which evaporates with rage and uncertainty.

Who says anyone is going to stay? I mean, I wonder why people say that. Death is inevitable, and I wonder why people are afraid of it. You weren’t sure of what was there in the world. You don’t know what lies in the time of yesterday, then why? Why are you scared of death and not tomorrow? And the day after?

Sin. Everyone has done some sin in their lives. A chapter that remains unread. A guilt that remains uncured and sore. A cut so deep, that it hurts to even look at it, and eventually, even though the wound bleeds forever, we just forget that it’s there until someone points it out.

There are moments. There is happiness. The feeling of being giddy, and being praised, and being so happy that the world feels small in front of it. No, it doesn’t happen just in fairytales. It happens – in real. But that doesn’t stay forever, because nothing is meant to be forever. That’s why fire is here for. To burn everything down just to build it back up and vice versa.

The love, the moments, the breaths, the peace. Everything is there is life as well, and so is pain. Everything is here only for making us to learn how to coexist in this world. This, this world where uncertainty is the only thing one can be certain of.

So, would I want to live it again? 
My answer would be No.

I would live once, breathe once in this body, crave this soul to evaporate once and forget everything with my last breath once.

Only, once.


One thought on “Only, Once.

  1. Life…one word which we can spend our whole life trying to learn it’s meaning… It is such a simple and beautiful word but to explain it…it is not that simple…I don’t know what I will do if I got a choice… Probably..for coming days I’ll think about this post and wonder and end up writing something but the way you took the words from one way to other…its amazing


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