NOTE : This is kind of like a one-shot story – situation – than a thought. Give it a read 🙂 The media seemed similar to the write-up. Inspired, in fact. 

—– Forever… ——

Bhaiya, let me help you.” I looked at my brother in front of me, who denied he wanted help from his younger brother, which was me.

Sometimes, I don’t understand why big brothers want to show that they are so macho. We can equally take on things, share them, and help each other, but these elder siblings usually have this protective stance as if their younger ones are the fragile ones and every problem had to pass through them before reaching us.

I was thankful that he helped, really, but that did not mean that I couldn’t help him, especially because he was just trying to plant a sapling in our garden. His gardening skills were practically non-existent. But because his fiancée had told him to do some gardening before their marriage he was adamant on doing so. She is a botanist; you can imagine her love for plants. He on the other hand, works with computers. Contrasts, I tell you.

“I don’t need help.” He told to me, looking at me with a strange glare, which clearly said ‘back-off’. As if I was flirting with Bhabi!

“Ruhaan, don’t you look at me like I’m flirting with Surbhi bhabi.” I crossed my arms, and looked at him sternly.

“Yug, don’t you look at me saying you want to help.” He gave me the same glare again, while I sighed. Brothers! I tell you.

“Fine.” I walked away. He was such a bother sometimes.

I went to my room, and after washing my hands which had bits of mud on it (because I had tried to help my big brother, and he ended up shouting at me), I went back to my bed to see through my phone. There was one missed called, and looking up I saw that it was my to-be sister-in-law’s. Why would she call me? We were close, but she usually called Bhaiya. Oh! He was busy in the garden. I chuckled, and called her.

“Hey Yug!” She said, her voice cheerful, “Why isn’t your nonsensical brother picking up his phone? It’s a Sunday! I’ve called them at least ten times!”

I chuckled, “Hi back to you too. Are you actually cursing my brother Bhabi?”

“Huh! He isn’t picking up, what else am I supposed to do?”

“Maybe,” I said thoughtfully, “Come and help him.”

“Help? What help does he even need?” I could practically feel that she rolled her eyes.

“He is trying to plant more saplings in the garden.” I stated.

I could hear her gasp. Loudly, “He is doing what!?”

“Planting saplings?” That almost came out as a question.

“Oh god!” She grumbled, “I’ll be over in few minutes, this Ruhaan I tell you. And why aren’t you helping him? Isn’t he your big brother? Chote hone ka koi farz banta hai ya nahi?

She kept on babbling. She has been like that, since they’ve met. She was always connected to me and our parents, and kept ordering us around. In a good way, I might add. I kept quiet and listened to whatever she was speaking on, about how I should help my older brother. I nearly sneered.

“But Surbhi bhabi! I did try to help him!” I whined. Hell, I wasn’t a kid. She was just my sister-in-law (to-be) then why was I behaving like that?

“I’m coming anyway.” She said back, and disconnected the call. That’d be fun. For now, I guess me running away from this place for some while was a better option.

I walked out on the road, with hands in my pocket, and the headphones over my ears. It was Sunday, and most people were busy being lazy in their homes. It was around 10 in the morning, and other than that, the weather was really nice. It was cloudy, and a cold breeze almost balanced whatever heat the sun was shining upon us. It was nice.

Closing my eyes, I was walking down the pavement, when suddenly someone crashed to me and my eyes opened. Okay, I’m not walking with my eyes closed again, ever. That was a bad idea. Shit, now someone had fallen.

“I…am sorry.” I said, and looked at the girl who was kneeling down in front of me. Her hair was open, and she was wearing a white and pink salwaar. She had polythene in her hand, full of fruits and veggies. I was damn sure that she was going to look up and yell at me. Before she could, I knelt down, and helped her with picking them up.

My eyes looked up, to see her face as she did the same. Silence.

I was staring at her, unable to believe that there she was sitting in front of me, picking up veggies from the street. My high school, best friend Ipsita.

She was staring at me as well. And then, a small smile spread on her face, “Hey Yug.”

“Hey.” I said, awkwardly and passed her the packet.

“I didn’t know you were back.” She flicked her hair, away from her face.

“Yeah, I came back here. Few weeks ago.”

“Settling back here?” Her eyebffs wavered, as she looked down a bit and again looked back.

“Yes,” We had been best of friends, from the moment we’d known each other. The five years of friendship, was full of conversations. Every day, we talked about everything. Like, everything. There was nothing I didn’t know about her at that time, or that she did not know about me. It had always been like that. And no, we were not lovers. We were best friends. She had her boyfriend later on, I had mine girlfriend, and yet she remained my best friend.

After high school ended, we still talked daily, and then the conversations dropped a bit. She was still in the same city, while I was in a different one to attend higher studies. The talking became first, every alternate day, then three times a week, two times a week, and then once. Slowly it became once a month. Once a few months, we talked rarely, and suddenly it only became just wishing on our birthdays. The last couple of years, we only wished each other on Facebook on birthdays.

We’d just… fell apart. I still remembered the profile picture we’d shared on Facebook. Both of us had the same one, tagged as ‘Best Friends Forever’. Ironical, it may seem now.

I cleared my throat and asked, “What are you doing nowadays?”

She smiled a bit, shuffling on her feet, “Buying veggies?”

I laughed at her joke; at least she was still the same. I wonder what changed between us.

“Actually, no, that’s part of the job at home. I’ve been working in a garment industry. Sales manager. Small job, but it was cool enough.”

I nodded, “That’s good. I’m in the 5-star restaurant nearby now.”

“Good work chef.” She smiled back. I chuckled again.

“See you soon, Ipsita.”

She nodded, “See you.” Maybe.

I did not know if we would see each other again. It was a possibility, but today was just a coincidence. We weren’t awkward; I did not have a sour feeling towards her. I missed the friendship, yes, but we had spend good – amazing – moments together once, and making them bitter was useless. Both of us had just fell apart as friends. As they say, we are just not best friends anymore, but we aren’t strangers as well.

I walked back home, and saw Surbhi Bhabi’s scooter placed near the garage. Walking to the garden, the scene kind of warmed me. They were bickering a bit, as she tried to help, and my older brother was almost pouting at his love. The puppy face almost melted her, but she helped nevertheless. Then Ruhaan went back sitting beside her, and placed a small kiss on her temple, making her blush.

I looked away, smiling. It was their moment after all. I wasn’t want to barge.

Other than that, they proved some best friends don’t fall apart. Sometimes they got married. Sometimes, the best friends forever, meant friends forever. You never know.


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