Baby Brother [Raksha Bandhan Special]

Since it’s Rakhi, I wanted to share something.

I’ve been pondering since the last few days. My brother and me have the same shoe size now. His size is one bigger than my mother’s now.
He is still my baby brother, I know. But he is growing up, becoming his own person little by little.

I mean… look at the way he can talk nowadays.

I still remember when he used to fumble while speaking the easiest of the words.

But then again he can’t sleep without me at nights. He hugs my pillow to sleep if I am not there.

He still comes and sits on my lap, and oh gosh! Is he heavy! He is, so much that my legs tire out after a few moments.

He still cries at the silliest things and instead of being angry or irritated, me and Mom start laughing at him. He comes to me, asking for a hug to calm him down.

But… we have started talking about things of life now too. Little things.

I realize that he is growing up. He will not be the one I saw the day when he was born. After all, I am growing older too.

He always measures his height along mine. I laugh, knowing that it’s just for the time being that he is the shorter one. He is gonna be taller than me, grown up. One day he might even stop coming to me when he cries, but I don’t want that to happen.

He isn’t going to just protect me, I am going to protect him too. Me and him, we are the tag team. Fighting, cribbing, teasing, crying, helping. We do all that together.

No matter if he grows 6 feet tall one day and I just touch his shoulders only… he’s gonna remain my baby brother, forever.



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