Midnight Tryst

It was midnight, and sleep was away. Far away than I could even think. To think about it, I was dreaming of sleep with my open eyes and it refused to come and conquer me.

What? Are you thinking why I am telling you all this?

The pattering of the rain on the pavement kept me listening to it. It reminded me of the dream that I saw days ago… I dont know why I saw what I saw, but I couldn’t help but replaying it in my memory. Like every dream, this dream was hazy too. You were the main focus of it.

I promise I hadn’t been thinking of you that night before going to sleep.

Still, I have no idea how you crept in.

It was stormy, and you were trying to save others. It almost had felt like a tornado and tsunami had hit us. How could that even happen? We stayed in the mainland. Yet, that was what my dream depicted. You said you were about to leave me, that you couldn’t just stay behind.

Had you hoped for me to leave you alone to death and just live?


I couldn’t. I had to follow you, to help others, even if it did take me to death.

Held in your arms, in the final moments when we made our tryst with destiny, I finally understood why people believed in the warmth of their beloved’s arms so much. No matter who the beloved maybe.

But hey, we don’t have a contact anymore. We are ex’s to each other. Should I think about you in such a way? Because I was sure I have moved on. Looking at you makes me remember our memories, but I wasn’t thinking of you that night.

If I take initiative, would you talk to me again? But…

I am scared. What if I still love you? What if you still love me? what if we are not meant to be together? What if… we don’t have anything to give to each other anymore?

I have no idea. I still think about you, but that was after the dream came back as a nightmare. Thinking of you dead? I can’t even hope for that even in my worst nightmares. We hadn’t died in the dream. I had woken up. I couldn’t let you die, not before…

Not before….

Not before what?

I need to do something.

Maybe leave this piece of paper on your doorstep? Yes, that could be it. I will leave it there.

And yes, I will never let you die alone on a lonely, stormy night when I am present there. I couldn’t let that happen in my nightmare, and I can’t let that happen for real.

You can hate me as much as you want. I won’t let you die lonely, while saving others.

I made my tryst with midnight as well.


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