Let’s Discuss Destiny

Sometimes we are a little too late to find our destiny.

People are going to ask you then — when you say this thing, that is — that if it didn’t happen to us finally at the end of life then how could that have been destiny?

Good question actually.

But then, if someone is still breathing then how has life ended anyway? Isn’t it still there? And we are the ones who have made destiny a constant. It never came to us and told that it was a constant.

Let’s take it as a constant variable.

Confusing, right? Even science is; no matter how much of a logical subject we call it, it ends up being philosophy at the end of it.

A constant variable is something which is constant for a particular situation, equation rather and changes for another. Like Gas constant and Gravitational constants are universal constants. But the value of ‘K’ in some equations can vary.

For example, from your house there are two roads that you can take to go on the main road. On road one, there are rose plants and dogs. On road two, there are sunflowers and cats. So actually on both the roads there are plants and animals — that’s the constant ‘K’. But the type of constant, if it’s a dog or a cat, changes on the fact on which road you choose.

Destiny is like that. It changes, or so do I believe. It changes depending on whether you choose road one or road two. So maybe, when you look back at it in future you realize that it could have been your destiny, only if…

Destiny is like that constant variable, which makes us feel regret. But at the end of the day, we don’t have an idea about what destiny is and what drives its being. Theists believe that God drives it, Atheists believe that they themselves drive it. Fate; everyone uses the word, and still we have no idea of what it is.

So yes, something might have been in your destiny. Life has not ended, so maybe it still is.

The owner of KFC was an average man, a cook rather for most of his life, and at an age when people thought of death, at some 60+ years he set up a company which is now known worldwide. So you don’t know what drives you where and at what age.

So if someone ever questions you what destiny is, answer them, “Destiny is a huge branched tree, lost in the midst of smoke and sunshine, something which we are yet to discover as we travel on those branches.”


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