Sometimes, I wonder if people are mistaken the word Feminism.

It does not mean that women are better than everyone else. It does not mean that we are superior to men. It does not mean that woman are the superior power in the world.

We are to embrace the fact that men and women are to be treated as equals. And why only men and woman? Transgenders and Bisexuals are also be to included amongst them. It is where we start thinking, that each human being is supposed to have equal rights, and equal capabilities.

Feminism does not mean that we just say that, woman are better than everyone else. Just because a person is a feminist does not mean that they can’t seek help from a man. Why would that be? She is a human being at the end of the day. At the end of the day, even a man can seek help from a woman.

If a pregnant woman is a feminist, you can’t really hope for her to take a lots of load. Does that mean that she wouldn’t do it? Or that she wouldn’t seek for help from another man? Of course she will.

It’s just the matter of views. Each person is afraid of losing someone else. For a feminist, it can be a man. It always can. And as for ‘feminazis’ at every mistake that is done in the society, the men are to be blamed.

Do you blame men for everything? Think again. Not all men are rapists. And even there are men who are feminists.

Feminism was a term which was introduced in the 19th century, so that females could be given equal rights as that of males. In our times, the word has been taken to some place else by some people.

A woman can be weak, yet she can have a strong mentality.
A woman who is physically stronger, can have a weak mentality.
A woman can succumb to situations and seek for help from a man.
A woman can still be strong enough to hold herself when everything goes wrong.

Widen the your peripheral views, and look at the wider aspect. You’ll see a lot more than what we think of about feminism.

Then again, it all ends where it started.

Equality again is what comes as a conclusion.


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