Open Letter To Television, From Newspaper

Dear TV,

I know you have a cool abbreviation to you actual name, Television. Me? I have none. I’m the plain old Newspaper everyone talks about.

When I came into being, I was the most powerful thing to control the world. Take into account any war situation, any revolt, any place and time when people wanted freedom. From vernacular, national, to international, I used to have an existence which neither could be denied nor be ignored.

Then the change of Era came, and lord knows that you were one of the most eventful changes which were brought into.

Today I might be one of the mediums of mass communication, but hey even uneducated people know how to sit in front of you and listen while I’m a piece of informative rag for them.
Once read, I’m used for arts, crafts, paper bags, to soak water and so many versatile jobs. Because dear TV, while both of us coexist all of us know who is more loved and adored. For not only do you provide information, you give entertainment and knowledge together, in motion pictures.

Blinking the eyes on the screen,
Preferred over my typed sheen.

But let me tell you this, my superficial best friend — left in the rags I survived.

And I always will because of the chorus of the words I carry.


| Open Letter To Television, From Newspaper | ✒


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