Open Letter To A Boyfriend, From A Girlfriend

Dear Boyfriend,

I remember those days when we used to have debates sitting on the desks of the class. In those days, I didn’t use to like you much. Everything I said, you had to have a view against it.

I have lost count of the number of times we had shouted at each other just because we had a different view. It didn’t necessarily make you my enemy, but dude you were one annoying classmate — I tell you. No matter how less we talked.

Then, one day something changed a little bit and we started talking. Pain engulfed me, when he broke me apart. I had never thought I would have been doubled, and it broke me apart. Life didn’t feel right. Him betraying me, broke my life apart in ways I hadn’t thought was possible.

I remember that night when you talked to me for two and a half hours, pacified me of life and love. While you did so, somewhere you were broken as well, I had known that. Love became unrealistic to me. I started believing that all existed was pain.

In that pain, I found you.

We were two broken pieces, both afraid of being broken again but love blossomed again. In my heart, there was only warmth for you. Amidst everything, and the bond we had created I never realised when I started to fall in love all over again.

I wanted us to be given a chance, and thankfully you did too. There we were, holding hands, too afraid to be broken again, still wounded from the stabs in the past yet determined to put it back and move forward. Just this time, hoping to do it together.

While the past made us cry, we knew we had each other by the side. The warmth of your hug, that little kiss on the forehead, the way you hold my hand in times I need… makes me feel I want to be there with you. Forever. Or just for a little while more.



| Open Letter To A Boyfriend, From A Girlfriend | ✒


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