Open Letter To The Guy Who Loves Me, From The Girl Who Doesn’t Love You Back

The Guy Who Loves Me,

I know you look at me when I tie by hair, and talk to my best friends. I know you wait for me to come beside you and stand there unknowingly.  I know every day, you wait for my arrival, for it’s one of the things you look forward to each morning.

The times I look at you and smile, your day becomes one of the best ones of the week; for I know you are in love with me. I know of the times, when you jump upon the handkerchief I left behind, for it’s your only chance for you to have a word with me. I know that you leave your place in the line of the canteen for my best friend so that she can get food for me.

But I cannot control whom I love, and whom fate brings into my life. I say no, not because I want to show attitude and want to hurt you but because I don’t feel the same way as you do. And the truth remains, that I don’t feel the same way for you.

You accuse me of keeping you in friend-zone. But that’s not what I want to do, its honestly what I feel towards you — friendship. To me, friendship is the purest bonds of all. It means more to me than any relationship could ever mean. I know you wouldn’t acknowledge it because you want me to love you back, but I don’t.

Do you know how much it hurts when you accuse me of ruining your life? It weakens my force and makes me feel guilty. Also, it angers me and my rage knows no bounds.

For did I ever tell you to love me? You chose to love me, and my heart chose not to. Is that my fault that ‘you’ love me? Did you ask me, for falling in love with me? Then, how is it me who ruined your life? How can you blame me for something I had no hand in?

You chose to love me, yourself.
You feel it for me, then how is it my mistake?
Just because I don’t love you back, don’t I deserve happiness in life?

What kind of love is yours? Selfish or selfless? I do not know.

I can’t love you back, because fate doesn’t always work like that. It writes who loves one, and who loves the other.

While I do love,
It’s just not you,
But I do care,
For feelings and you.

Don’t blame me for not loving you back, because my heart is not under my control. For Fate and Love cannot be controlled by anyone. It just happens. This time, it just wasn’t you.

The Girl Who Doesn’t Love You Back.

|Open Letter To The Guy Who Loves Me, From The Girl Who Doesn’t Love You Back| ✒


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