Open Letter To The Moon, From The Stars

Dear Moon,

People say you have many of us by your side, while we just have a lone you.

“You’ll be the moon in my star filled sky.”

Numerous times has this been phrased by lovers, in different languages and in different ways.

But do they know, that you are as cold as ice itself, stealing away light from one of us as we burn our self, and you shine with our light? Do they know that without us, your existence would be similar to a cold rock with no light?

Don’t they see, while you might seem the only one big enough on the night sky, you wouldn’t as beautiful without us sharing the same sky as you do.

While you are the parody of romance, we are the hopes of dreamers. For you are there for lovers and romanticism, and we are there for optimists and pessimists, looking for hope in the darkness of the night sky.

You disappear every fortnight, hiding yourself in your own shadows, glowing in darkness. We are there in the night sky waiting for your return. But that night, the sky belongs only to us for we don’t cover us within our own shadows. Rather, we glow.

We burn,
We churn,
Those hopes,
Ridden by ropes,
Cause oh thy moon,
Come back soon,
There awaits your lovers,
For counting stars and sleep overs.

And just like that, that night we rule. While it’s true we might seem small, but you have scars as well that you can’t hide, even by your shadows or by our light.

We might be flickering, but sometimes a spark creates more fire than a candle does.


| Open Letter To The Moon, From The Stars | ✒



Author's Note:  This is the last letter of the "Open Letters" batch. 
Hope you liked all ten of them. 
Looking forward to starting a new series, just this time not of letters! :)

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