I’m 17.

I’m 17.

I might, or might not have a long life in front of me; we can’t predict life.
But I do know that I have huge possibilities in my future.

I’ve had phases. Of knowing what’s going on around me and not knowing what was going to happen at all. Everyone is scared of what’s going to happen in their future, isn’t it?

What I have learned from life, I don’t know yet. Some people say we are yet too young to understand. Too young, or too immature?

I have seen people of 30, even 50, who have been taking wrong decisions and who have behaved immature at an age where life is crossed half of what they’ll ever live.

Of everything, I took in one thing; I learned one thing with heart. One belief that I’m never letting go; that do what you want to do with your life, but never in future regret what you do. What you did, seemed right at that moment. Don’t ponder about it. Let people talk, bash, and hit you. Unless you are doing something to harm others (like killing them), just do it.

You are your own person.
You have the right to be selfish sometimes. Why give up what you want for someone else, and then in future crib and cry about it? Choose what you want to do in your life.

Who says that getting a degree is all that matters in life? I don’t believe. It might be important because that’s how society works. A degree never had importance, really. Every thing is only as important as we make it to be. This is something, we made important.
But it isn’t a necessity. Do what you want in life. There are people without degrees who are settled, who are facing the world. There are also people with degrees who are not yet settled in life.

I’m 17, and I have a lot to see. But I’ve grown to have my own beliefs. I wish to abide by them. Maturity correlated with age is just a number. Everyone is scared of what’s going to happen.

I have many more phases to pass. We are never wholly ready for anything new, but it’ll all pass. As situation requires, we adapt to them.

Let’s just live in now, and stop thinking about tomorrow — because in the hopes and worries of tomorrow, I realise I had forgotten many yesterdays, and I lost my chance to live in them. Now, I won’t get them back — but I’m determined that I won’t regret about what has already happened and just live in now.



©Debodipta Moitra


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