All Ends

Water on the floor, the flip flops slipped over them. The balance tampered, and breaths caught in the wind pipe.
Agonizing breaths taken in the corner of the room, painfully something at stake in another.
Strands of hair everywhere possible.
Decaying lives, little by little.

Short khaki pants, on which the lollies were smudged.

The white bed sheet with a spot of brownish hue over it. Washed over and over, faded with time; lying over the barely moving body.

One waited for the moment to come.
One waited for hope.
One dreaded for the time to come.
The other lay, unsure.

One waited for the wad in the bank.
Other waited for lease.
One, with no feelings whatsoever.
The other, lived in ease.

Early in the morning, a little coughed up blood stained the already stained sheet, the breathing which had now stopped, left the unmoving body with ease.

No fluttering of eyes, and only some tears gathered.
Gone, things that were once fathered.

Family, which now never dreaded,
Whatever happened, happened then,

And that was how it all ended03theendweb-facebookjumbo


One thought on “All Ends

  1. Hey, this is my college bestie…. And I’m really proud of this sweetie…..
    Like always Dipta…. This is another beautiful lines from u…. And again I loved it… 😘


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