To The Guy I fell in Love With

The Guy I fell in Love with,

This is dedicated to you.

It’s been months. Almost a year since I redeemed to have gotten over you. I still ask myself, what did I fall for? Those eyes? That smile?

Nothing comes out as an answer.

“You got over him. Stop thinking,” The only thought that rummages my head when even the slightest thought rages in my mind. You are happy where you are, I’m happy where I am and that’s all. That’s all that matters.

Or, does it?

My present-self knows it’s been the end for a long time now. The girl, who fell in love with you, the girl who is still stuck in the past, hoping, seems to be disappointed every time that happens. She seems to be sceptical about letting you go because you weren’t right for her.

She seems like an idiot to me.

Her burns are still healing, I suppose, but she’ll live.

What ponders in my mind is that what had me so into it? So deep, so… unattainable? Why she is still stuck somewhere where she shouldn’t be? Why am I stuck somewhere I shouldn’t be? I end up comparing every guy I that start liking with you and that liking — it just fades away.

To think I’m still stuck is something I cannot get through. I’ll eventually find a way. Fall in love again, maybe. What if it’s another one-sided one? Then, I’ll end up writing another note to you.

Another comparison, another note you’ll never read nor will it reach.

The Girl Who Walked Away.


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