His Call That Lives

I knew of him as someone I had known for a long time. He was thoughtful; made of philosophies that others couldn’t think of.

It was in him to be a being in his world. Known within the limits of infinity. Sometimes it was hard to decide if he was just a boy or had it been a man, who talked to me late at nights.

He wasn’t a writer. He was just an admirer. Of nature, poetry, feelings and of beauty. Someone, who caught your heart without you realising when you had already given it away.

He is made up of heartbreak, anxiety and reminisce, all at once. Hard to comprehend, even harder to understand. Yet, he is just like everyone else.

You might find answers of questions you have been finding for a long time in him.

You might, even get lost in his maze.

But for you, he won’t give up one thing — his adventure of life, that lives and breathes within. He will nullify himself.

Yet, he will never give up upon the blue horizons with cloud splatters calling out in the mountains.



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