There was a girl
Fond of chasing sunsets.
Writing tales on the hues that she saw,
While the sun went down.

Sometimes in the hills,
Sometimes on the plains.
At times by the sea,
At times by the streams flowing by.

There was a girl,
Obsessed with the beauty of sunsets.
Looked at them through window panes,
Of railed cages of trains,
Through smiles of playgrounds,
Standing on bridges,
Even chasing them through the never ending road.

Sometimes she searched for them
On mountain ranges,
Peaked at through,
While reading books,
And while talking to clouds, in oblivion.

She made them into pictures and paintings,
Captured them in poems,
In her words, never ending;
And in her heart.

There was a girl in love with sunsets,
Chasing them around the world;
Who found her stories writtenm
In every inch of them.


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