She broke through every cage that was build around her.

The only cage that she couldn’t break through was the one she had build around her own self.



Where You Are…

None of us know, where we actually are, and what we are living for. You have an aim for yourself, or maybe someone else has them for you…

So, enlighten yourself with what the world holds for you, and what all you can do for you life. Live the life, for yourself, and not for someone else. When you start living for someone else too, keep in mind that they are a part of yourself.

This place isn’t anything, and it’s also everything. Every emotion, which remains non-portrayed, will come forth. You might agree, disagree, or even feel lost, and sometimes you might not feel okay, but it’s alright to feel all those. These are normal for every person. It’s a hard place to be at, but it’s fine. You’ll be fine at the end of the journey, and even if you are not, even if you didn’t find your destination, keep in mind the worth of the journey, and everything will be an experience you’d want to behold for a lifetime.


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